Choice of mahogany dining table

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The Chinese style is diverse, with Han and Tang styles, Song and Ming styles... The dynasties are different, but they are inseparable from the foundation of China's excellent civilization. This is probably why Chinese-style decoration has always been loved by Chinese people.

In our daily life, the dining table is one of the most frequently used and indispensable furniture.


When they arrived at Yongsheng Mahogany Exhibition Hall, they were immersed in many table choices. Many customers were wondering whether a round table or a square table is more suitable for their own restaurant? Let's take a closer look here:




--Square dining table features:

The square table is a unique traditional Chinese furniture. The table is square in shape. The specifications are divided into sizes.

The most typical Chinese Ming furniture is that the table legs are not placed at the corners of the square table, but are slightly indented. The simple shape of the square table reflects the Chinese people's pursuit of nature, simplicity, elegance and delicacy.

The square dining table can be placed against the wall without taking up too much space in the living room. Therefore, it is more suitable for small apartments; in more formal occasions, it is more suitable to place a square dining table, which better highlights the elegance of the owner and pays attention to etiquette.

In general, choosing a square table can make more full use of the restaurant space, without worrying about wasting space. If we must mention the shortcomings, the edges and corners of the square table are easy for people to bump into.


--Round dining table features :


The round table is in line with the traditional Chinese custom of reunion, because once there are too many people dining at home, it is always more embarrassing to use a square table or a long table, and the round table can solve this problem very well, and there is no need to worry about children being bumped by the edges and corners of the table arrive.



How to choose the suitable table for your home?

First look at the structure of the restaurant.


If the apartment is rectangular, you can choose a square table; if the dining area is sufficient or square, you can consider a round table.

Secondly, according to the number of people dining at home. Generally, a square table is chosen if there are few people, and a round table will be your first choice if there are many people.

Yongsheng Mahogany Exhibition Hall, a variety of mahogany dining table styles are waiting for you!