Mahogany Health

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When it comes to health preservation, many people directly think of food supplements and exercise. In fact, good wood can also help health!

Red sandalwood can refresh the mind and relieve pain and swelling, agarwood soaking in water can relieve gastrointestinal diseases, wearing huanghuali can "repel evil" and so on.

Humans rely on all things in nature to survive, and have a natural connection with nature. Traditional Chinese culture believes that human body is closely connected with the universe. Many flowers, plants, roots and bark can be used as "medicine" to cure and prevent diseases. .

Mahogany is a product of nature, absorbing the essence of the sun and the moon, the aura of the mountains and rivers, forming heavy, hard, thin and small wood characteristics. It is not only a good material for making high-end furniture, but also a treasure for human health care.




Huanghuali, also known as "Jiangxiang", is native to the low-altitude plains and hilly areas of Hainan Island, china. Hainan huanghuali wood also has a strong wound repair function. A famous Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD)-era medical book called Mingyibielu(《名医别录》)recorded: A general was seriously injured in the battle and could not use a lot of medicine. At a critical juncture, a soldier took out a small bottle of wood powder and applied it externally. It is an excellent pain reliever. , As a result, the bleeding stopped, the pain was relieved, the wound healed slowly, and the most amazing thing was that there was no scar; the general rewarded the soldier generously and asked what recipe had been used. The soldier said he used the best fragrance.

"Compendium of Materia Medica" of the Ming Dynasty believed that Jiangxiang smells spicy, warm and non-toxic. In addition to reducing incense, burning incense can ward off evil spirits; powdered or taken orally: taking the heartwood orally as medicine can cure liver injury and vomiting blood caused by anger; soaking in water with wood chips has an aroma, which can lower blood pressure, blood lipids, and treat rheumatism. , low back pain, vomiting blood, heart and stomach gas pain, high blood pressure embolism.



It is understood that in addition to the functions of sedating the nerves and lowering blood pressure, expert research has proved that the essential oil extracted from huanghuali wood can stimulate cell regeneration and metabolism, nourish the skin, and have excellent anti-wrinkle functions on the skin. It can promote the regeneration of skin and muscle tissue and enhance skin elasticity. It also has the functions of antibacterial, insecticidal and relieving tension.


---lobular rosewood

Red sandalwood can also make people "sleeping can naturally soothe the nerves, sitting can consciously resolve."

In traditional Chinese medicine, red sandalwood has medicinal effects such as enhancing immunity, preventing aging, stabilizing heart rate, and improving insomnia;

The lobular red sandalwood is ground into powder and applied externally around the swollen and painful joints, which has a certain effect and effect on relieving joint swelling and pain. At the same time, according to some medical books, after repeated rubbing of red sandalwood sawdust, it will emit a kind of "wood oxygen" that is beneficial to the human body, which has the effect of fragrant qi. The ancients believed that fragrant qi can soothe the nerves, speed up the metabolism of the human body, and make people feel balanced and peaceful. It can soothe the nerves and refresh the mind, so, being able to sleep on the lobular rosewood bed for a long time can make the skin better and better and the person younger and younger.

At the same time, red sandalwood has a special advantage that it can repel insects and can prevent mosquitoes in summer.




---Sour branch

In the Qing Dynasty, Jiang Fan wrote "The Record of Ships and Vehicles", which records that the purple elm came from the sea, like red sandalwood, without crab claw patterns, and its smell is like vinegar, hence the name Suanzhi.

Siamese rosewood has a strong sour aroma and has a unique bactericidal effect.

As the saying goes, you need to sit on rosewood, because rosewood has good heat dissipation and air permeability, and the slightly exuded light fragrance can refresh the mind. The rosewood furniture sits stably, not hard or cool, and has a certain health care effect on the lumbar spine. Buying rosewood chairs with rosewood can be described as the most cost-effective first choice. Although rosewood is not as valuable as huanghuali and red sandalwood, it also has a very unique position in the Chinese classical home environment and is the top grade.



----Chicken Wings Wood

The ancients liked to use Chicken Wings Wood to make chopsticks and wooden cups, because Chicken Wings Wood would emit a special soft fragrance when stimulated by hot water. This fragrance has a refreshing effect and is very suitable for frequent desks. Working people use.

Mahogany grows in deep mountains and old forests. After hundreds of years of sun and rain, it gathers the spiritual energy of heaven and earth. It often uses and touches mahogany products to nourish people's hearts. You can walk thousands of rivers, people raise wood, and wood raises people. From the collection of mahogany, you can slowly experience the realm of enlightening wisdom and cultivating sentiment. This is the method of health preservation.